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Motorcycle Safety Training – Bike Tests

diciembre 11, 2020

Before you begin your actual driving test, you’ll be required to initially read out a bunch of speed limit stickers to prove that you can physically fulfill the visual inspection requirements. Then you’ll be issued two more motorcycle safety test questions then moving onto the driving test itself. The examiner will then ask you to do some simulated driving around the test centre before issuing you a driving licence. This helps you learn how to manoeuvre on the open road and it allows you to gain some real life experience which is one of the main factors that influence whether you pass or fail.


Although the driving test is only one element of your Motor Vehicle Licensing (MV) and Insurance Test, they form a huge part of the whole motorist responsibility education program. As the driving tests are conducted before you’re given your license, many people find it hard to understand why they are so important. The reason for this is that they teach you to follow safe driving rules and practices, as well as helping you to learn the essential safety elements of motor vehicle safety like proper braking and turning techniques. They also demonstrate to you how to use your mirrors and other basic safety equipment like car horns and lights.

One of the biggest safety features of the test riding exercises is being able to demonstrate to the examiner just how safe your bike is. One of the ways this is shown is in how you brake safely. In the majority of cases, when a driver brakes hard there is usually some sort of indicator in the handlebars which will show if the brakes have actually been applied, although this is not always the case. During your test driving you are allowed to apply both or either of the two primary braking techniques, namely the exclusive brake technique and the traditional tap-fire braking method, in addition to demonstrating how you can apply both with the appropriate hand signals.